Attention burger lovers, we’re excited to be participating in our first-ever Halifax Burger Bash! As part of the city-wide burger-eating phenomenon, from March 23–April 1, we’re dishing out Chef Moira’s ooey-gooey Bomba Smash Burger! Nestled between a fluffy potato bun smothered in zesty chimichurri, sink your teeth into a juicy 4oz beef patty topped with a braised portobello patty and melted fried mozzarella for the ultimate cheese pull. Served with a side of crispy potatoes, this delicious $24 dish will have you soaring with delight. Plus, we’ll donate $2 to Feed Nova Scotia for every Bomba Smash Burger sold. Enjoy our fundraising feature while you can and book your table today!

Please note: Offered during regular dinner hours.

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